Adapt to Advance and Focus on What Matters

Adapt to advance

If you manage to produce green competitive hydrogen at scale, you still need predictable supply chains, infrastructure developments, vessels, and reliable port operations to transport hydrogen across the globe.

Ammonia to the rescue

The world has been artificially producing ammonia since 1909 when Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch developed the first process to fix nitrogen into ammonia by a reaction with hydrogen at high temperatures.

Ammonia’s second revolution

Through green (CO2-free) ammonia, we can capitalize on traveled roads and supply chains to store and transport the abundant renewable energy from places like the Atacama Desert and Magallanes in Patagonia to where it is most needed.

Focus on what matters

Detractors will say that these tests and roadmaps are inefficient, arguing that it takes around 11MWh to produce one ton of green ammonia, which generates 6MWh of power through co-firing. Although true, these points miss the big picture about the existing opportunity.

The future will come

Scaling green hydrogen/ammonia usage and production should snowball surrounding supply and value chain elements. It could accelerate and de-risk scaling hydrogen vessels and storage while making it easier for existing technologies to reach commercial scale, such as concentrated solar power or novel liquid organic hydrogen carriers.



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NewBalance Energy is a platform that sources and supports competitive and reliable green hydrogen production today to supply a network of off-takers tomorrow.